Collection: Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging is also known as induction charging and enables you to power up your device without needing to plug it into an outlet and without the use of a cable. Two things are required to carry out wireless charging: a wireless charger, usually in the form of a stand, and a device that is compatible with wireless charging. 

Benefits of Using Wireless Chargers

You may be thinking: why make use of wireless chargers when you can easily plug your phone in with minimal fuss? Below are some of the benefits of using wireless chargers:

  • No need to deal with lengthy and cumbersome cables 
  • Protect your phone from the wear and tear that can come with repeated connecting and disconnecting
  • Charge your phone every time you put it down
  • Offer comparable or better speed than wired charging 
  • More durable than charging cables which need to be replaced regularly 

Why Choose Pacroban Wireless Chargers?

At Pacroban Electronics, our wireless chargers are compatible with all Qi devices and can reduce total charging time up to 50 minutes, depending on your phone’s receiving capacity.

If you have any questions about Pacroban wireless chargers, feel free to contact us today for assistance.