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How Is HDMI 2.1 A Cost-Effective Cabling Solution?

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a proprietary audio and video interface. It is used to transmit high definition audio and video over a cable from a source device to a compatible monitor or projector. In the world of HDMI technology, HDMI 2.1 is the latest version and it can be a very cost-effective cabling solution as long as you have the need for it. If you are wondering about the new features that HDMI 2.1 brings, read on as we explain.

Higher Bandwidth and More Pixels

Most displays that are currently in use support HDMI 2.0, which can carry an uncompressed 4K signal at 60 fps at eight-bit color. HDMI 2.1 is an upgrade on HDMI 2.0, which adds on a higher bandwidth and more pixels as it can carry an uncompressed 8K signal at 60 fps in 12-bit color. If you use display stream compression, this amount can increase up to 10K signal at 120 fps in 12-bit color. This is good news for serious PC gamers who use next-generation gaming consoles and graphics cards that can support such a high bandwidth cap. 

Auto Low Latency Mode

HDMI 2.1 introduces the auto low latency mode, which is used to detect when a gaming console is turned on. This detection will automatically switch the TV mode to game mode. This will decrease the delay between signals sent from the controller to the display, which enhances the gaming experience. For professional gamers who stream for a living, the adoption of HDMI 2.1 will certainly improve the streaming experience for the audience.

Variable Refresh Rate

Variable refresh rate refers to the adjustment of the TV’s refresh rate to match the output device’s frame rate. Usually, there will be variations in the frame rates of the output device, such as a TV, and the variation is dependent on the scenes that are being displayed. By integrating variable refresh rate in HDMI 2.1, images that are displayed will be much smoother as it gets rid of stutter delays and screen tearing. For gamers who play games with frequent dramatic scene changes, this feature is a true game changer.


As HDMI 2.1 is very new, it is still not the industry standard to have products that support it. However, it is expected to take off with a more widespread adoption in a few years’ time. If you wish to enjoy a more pleasant viewing and gaming experience right now, it is well worth it to upgrade to HDMI 2.1.

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