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USB-C To HDMI Adapter Fiber-Optic Cables Are Suited For Long-Distance Conductivity

USB-C to HDMI adapter fiber-optic cables are available in several selections, regarding length (i.e., 15 feet, 50 feet, 25 feet, 200 feet). They are uniquely designed. At 4K@60Hz, they guarantee high-quality signal transmission. But that's not all! They’re also designed to offer amazing high-speed 18Gbps, no signal loss, and, compared to the USB-C to HDMI cable of old (traditional), offer more stable performance.

Our Fiber-Optic USB-C to HDMI Cable

Up to 384×2160 at 60Hz, this Pacroban-designed cable supports HDMI 2.0b. For a full range of audio types, it‘s capable of High-Definition Audio. This includes Dolby TrueHD, DTS -HD Master Audio, DVD-Audio and SACD.

There is no driver/software or adapter required for plug-and-play. For Dell XPS 15, Galaxy Note 9/Note 8/S8/S9/S 10, Chromebook, Galaxy Book, HP Envy 13, Pixelbook, Surface Book 2, iMac, USB-C MacBook/MacBook Pro, and others, it is ideal.

With a cable diameter of merely 0.2 inches, the USB-C to HDMI adapter fiber-optic cables is slim. It's convenient, with a weight of about one pound, and rotates flexibly. Tight tubing conduits are no problem.

Pacroban’s Frontier Fiber-Optic USB-C To HDMI Adapter

A clear display is provided by a Frontier cable, whether watching movies, gaming, or browsing. Covered with double shielding, the premium Fiber Optic wire enhances its anti-interference ability. In this manner, your digital signal will be flawlessly transmitted. The type C to HDMI cable works with Chrome, Mac OS, and Windows 10/8.1/8.


  • Hold down the key labeled "option”, then click "scaled" on your MacBook/MacBook Pro to manually adjust resolution.
  • Enjoy streaming from a bigger screen with plug-and-play.
  • Drive multiple monitors at one time, or just one.
  • Without any signal loss on long-distance, the best possible result is offered by Fiber-Optic.
  • For a longer life and better heat insulation, a side metal casing is in place. (With normal heating heads.)
  • Thanks to Fiber technology, lightning speed signal transfer.
  • Play protected content from DirecTV, Netflix, iTunes, and more. 
  • HDCP 2.2 compatible

Contact Pacroban for customer quantity and/or length.

Important Information

Prior to buying USB-C to HDMI adapter fiber-optic cables, it is crucial that you are aware of some stipulations. To use the USB-C to HDMI adapter fiber-optic cable, your phone or laptop must support USB-C with DP Alt Mode. It only works with Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C 3.1 interfaces because not all USB-C interfaces are compatible. They must support "DisplayPort Alternate Mode".

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At Pacroban, we have the latest in high-tech cables and connectors for games, TVs, etc. To meet your specific needs, we have a selection of USB-C cables. 

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