From kindergartens and elementary schools to high schools and colleges, the aim of all educational institutions is to provide students with a safe space to learn and grow. As the first place children go to receive a formal education, schools are responsible for imparting knowledge and values in a wide range of subjects, from history and literature to math and science. 

About the Education Industry

The education industry encompasses many different institutions, from day cares and enrichment centers to vocational schools and adult learning centers. These are all schools that come with their own set of unique needs. Education has made huge strides in the preceding years, and that is thanks largely to technology. 

Technology has made a wide range of learning opportunities available and possible, including the most recent phenomenon of remote learning in light of the ongoing pandemic. There is no doubt that schools need custom technological products to keep their systems up and running so that students can access learning at all times. 

Technological Needs of the Education Industry

Today, whole lesson plans and lectures can be put on hold when there is a technological glitch. In addition, almost every student does their work on their laptops. If you do not have suitable charging equipment on your premises, you can be holding your students back from completing their work. Take steps to reduce the chances of this happening at your school by investing in electronic products designed for your specific needs.

Below are just some examples of technological and equipment needs schools may require:

  • Cables
  • Adapters
  • Chargers
  • … and many more!

Custom Technology Solutions for the Education Industry

No doubt, schools in the 21st century rely more heavily on technology than ever before to keep the classroom running. Below are just some benefits of adopting custom technology solutions for schools:

  • USB-C cables can be used to efficiently charge school laptops and tablets.
  • USB-C cables can provide 4K monitor resolution through one slim and streamlined cable; great for multimedia classroom presentations!
  • HDMI cables allow teachers to connect their compatible devices to classroom displays and showcase visual aids.
  • Thanks to the excellent data transfer speeds of USB-C cables, students and teachers can backup or share their data quickly and securely.
  • 8K HDMI cables can be used to display the same image or video across multiple screens in the classroom, auditorium, or lecture hall.
  • … and many more!

Why Should Schools Work with Pacroban Electronics?

Pacroban Electronics is a product design company based in San Francisco that offers well-designed products at reasonable prices for schools, regardless of which age group of students you cater to. When you first come to us, we take the time to understand your unique needs before customizing the most suitable products and solutions for you. 

A 30 day money back warranty is available with all our products so you can be assured that if something goes wrong due to a fault on the manufacturer’s part, it will be replaced for free. To this end, prepaid return shipping labels are included with every order. 10% of our proceeds are donated to charities such as UNICEF’s USA Education Program.

If you would like more information about our custom technology solutions for schools or other customer related issues, feel free to email us at

Important Note For Lifetime Warranty / Return Policy

"If the customer would receive the damaged cable so first send us back then Pacroban would send the new cable".

"If you purchase Pacroban items on Amazon, you can return them and get a refund for 30 days. If you purchased them on you can return them and get a refund in 90 days. We provide return shipping labels.

After the return period, we offer lifetime replacement. If your product fails due to the manufacturer's fault, we replace it for free. First, you ship a bad item back, then we send you a new one. If you (the customer) ordered more than a year ago, you will pay for the return shipping label. "

Why we Love What we do

Since the first day, our goal has always been to help customers / friends. Whether your project is setting up a new TV or building a concert stage, we are here to help.