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Reasons To Choose HDMI Over VGA

Technology experience has evolved exponentially in the past few years. Computers, mobile phones, televisions, and other gadgets are being updated on a regular basis. With this, accessories to pair with your devices have seen the ebb and flow of the ever-changing technological market, as well. From speakers to headphones to audio-visual connectors. Today, HDMI cable is the dominating accessory in terms of AV cables. But is it really a better option than VGA? Let's take a closer look.

VGA and HDMI Defined

Video graphics array (VGA) cable is an earlier and once much-used standard in connecting computers to projectors and other monitors. It has a limited capability in terms of carrying video signals. High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cable, on the other hand, is capable of transmitting both video and audio from a source device to the output monitor.

Physical Aspects and Affordability of HDMI


Compared to VGA, HDMI cables are more affordable. Add to this, the latter also comes in various lengths of up to 50 feet, something earlier connectors cannot offer. This is an especially important aspect if there’s little or no space for both devices to fit in one area. Although HDMI has options in terms of length, it is still relatively lighter and smaller than a VGA cable, which also happens to produce more noise during transmission. Since the former is also more compact, it takes no space when traveling. The upside to the older standard, however, is it is much more durable since it needs to be screwed in place before using it.

One Wire HDMI


As previously mentioned, VGA can only support video transmission. Therefore, you would need another wire to be able to enjoy the visuals with audio. With HDMI, there's no need for a different connector because one wire is capable of transmitting both audio and video, simultaneously. This also applies when you use it on desktop computers. One single digital stream is made because the newer standard cable can transmit from both the graphics and sound cards.

Compatibility of HDMI

Because it is the current standard, HDMI is compatible with almost any type of monitor. From televisions to laptops to projectors, manufacturers have been including HDMI hubs in their products. One cannot say the same for VGA hubs. Some brands are phasing out the inclusion of hubs in their manufactured devices.

Color Quality of HDMI

Because HDMI can support a 48-bit color system, plus it can double the shades, using it as your primary and only AV cable connector provides crisper and high-definition images. Watching movies and playing games can be much more enjoyed. Just ensure that the graphics adapter of your computer can support at least the HDMI 1.3 version.

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