• This cord is excellent. The materials and the cord itself are very high quality.

    David B.

  • This is the 4th cable of this type I've bought from this manufacturer and the build and quality are outstanding.


  • High quality cable. Have been struggling with connections to my tv but this seems to have solved the problem.


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Never Miss Any Detail With Our 8K HDMI Cables

As consumers around the world increasingly demand high-resolution graphics, the development of HDMI cables have had to keep up with this growth.

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Using our adapters is the fastest and simple way to add another display to your computer or TV. It allows you to share videos and slideshows with others and view large spreadsheets easily. Plus, it's great for work, school, and watching movies on a bigger screen.

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Pacroban is a rapidly expanding company that maintains high levels of stability and quality.

Beyond the Business

Charitable donations have been an integral part of our business since its operation, with 10% of our profits consistently being directed to charity. We have consistently supported organizations such as UNICEF, Feeding America, the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, and the World Wide Fund.

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  • Orel-saadon


    Great product. I connected the cable to my Apple TV 4K My TV asked me if to turn on Ultra Deep ColorThe TV recognized right away that an ultra-speed cable was connected and asked if to change settings accordingly Excellent cable without a doubt the best value for money bought three of these each 3 meters long in this length, not every cable gives the quality and indeed this cable provides the quality is highly recommended to purchase it.

    United States on July 27, 2020

    Pacroban 8K HDMI 
  • Gary Steve


    I'm a bit torn. I ordered these to use with nextgen gaming consoles - a Playstation 5 PS5 and XBox Series X. The cable that came with the Playstation 5 PS5 wasn't long enough so I needed a longer cable. VALUE - 5/5. At about ~$10 per cable, this is a good bargain for Ultra High-Speed 48GBps HDMI Cables.

    At the end of the day, this cable will get the job done for long enough to see higher quality ultra high-speed HDMI cables come out at reasonable prices.

    United States on December 28, 2020

    Pacroban Hyperfast HDMI Cable 
  • Charley Puppy


    These Ultra Slim HDMI cables worked great! I have two devices one that I mainly got these cables for, a PS4 that runs games in HDR and a Samsung UBD-K8500 that run full 4K with HDR to a 65-inch LG OLED E.

    I bought a few of these as I wanted them all to match behind my receiver so I also have these cables running my Dish Hopper with Sling, Nintendo Switch, NES Classic, it is only outputting 480P but the picture looks clear and this cable is working with it with no problem. These cables can pretty much do it all!

    United States on March 12, 2018

    Pacroban Ultra Slim 
  • Nurlan Bilalov


    I guess the only bad thing I’m going to say about these cables is that they are pure white. Easy to hide on a white wall in my entertainment center and nobody will see them.

    I was hoping to correct 2 problems by replacing my old cables with the Pacroban 8k HDMI cable. First, to eliminate the white sparkles that our new LG TV was displaying occasionally only from our Sanyo Blue Ray player. By replacing the HDMI cable, the problem was resolved. The second problem I was wishing to correct but did not really think would be motion picture artifacts. Since they were displayed even on TV channels (and therefore not involving HDMI cables). The LG TV is to be blamed for this issue. Pacroban cables look great and sturdy. These cables I am ready for future upgrades. Great cables.

    United States on July 21, 2020

    Pacroban 8K HDMI 
  • Yas


    Fast charging. Nice condition. I'm charging my phone and watching something both. That's very nice. I'm happy with this product!

    United States on July 7, 2019

    Pacroban AirCharger 
  • Babak


    I bought a couple for my dual monitor set-up after being unhappy with their performance. I knew that the cheap cables they came with were a performance bottleneck and I wanted to get the best out of my monitors and graphics card, so I bit the bullet and invested in these. These are made with sturdy and high-quality components, you can see and feel them the moment you get them. They inspire confidence that they will last long. The real benefit comes when you connect up your monitors with these.

    United States on December 1, 2021

    Pacroban Displayport