A Guide To Bulk Buying At Pacroban Electronics

A Guide To Bulk Buying At Pacroban Electronics

Purchasing a large amount for a specific product has never been more fun and rewarding. That is, if you do bulk buying at Pacroban Electronics. Our company does not just specialize in electronics and gadget accessories, but we also take extra attention to our mass purchasers. After all, we manufacture products mostly for big businesses and companies. But that's not to say individuals, who are looking to score a deal from bulk purchasing, are not welcome. Our bulk buying special offers are open to anyone.

Products Available for Bulk Buying

Since 2016, one of the main goals of Pacroban Electronics is to produce goods for big-sized companies and end-users. Though this may be the case, we never compromise quality for mass production. So, we guarantee that any electronic accessory, no matter the quantity ordered, would still have the same first-rate quality when they reach your doorstep. With this said, all products seen in our online store are available for bulk buying: USB cables, HDMI, and wireless chargers. There are also accessories that may not have been posted online but can be found in our catalogs like USB adapters, hubs and TOSLINK, and stereo cables. Those, too, can be bought in bulk. If in any case, you have an electronic product in mind that you would like to order but could not find in both the store and the catalog, you may send us a request and we would provide you with a quotation. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer representatives are ready to assist with your needs.

Custom Accessories for Bulk Buying

Pacroban Electronics takes the bulk buying experience to another level. We can customize products and accessories as per the request of our purchasers. From cable sizes to diameter, from color to packing, we can tailor-fit them to your needs. We also customize heading cables. We can make detachable, 90-degree, or male and female heading, again, depending on your needs. All you have to do is send us an inquiry and we would get back to you with the quotation.

Discounts for Bulk Buying

We offer different discounts for bulk buying at Pacroban Electronics. The more you buy, the bigger the discount. Here's a rundown of the discounts per type. Our government, as well as commercials and buyers can enjoy the following discounts when they mass purchase in our store:

  • Orders that cost between $2000-$5000 get 10% discount
  • Orders that cost between $5000-$10000g get 15% discount
  • Orders that cost over $10000 get 25% discount

If you are a purchaser from the government, please read Section 889 (Certified Contractor for Covered Telecommunications Equipment for the US Government). What if you aren't from the government or the commercial industry but still interested in buying one purchasing a good amount of one specific product? Don't worry. You can still enjoy discounts. Percentage discounts for products with a retail price that is less than $50 are as follows:

  • 10-20 units - 10% off
  • 20-50 units - 15% off
  • 50-100units - 23% off
  • 100+200 units - 30% off
  • 200+400units - 35% off
  • 400+ units - 45% off on the retail price

Refer below for percentage discounts for products with a retail price that is more than $50:

  • 5-10 units - 10% off
  • 10-20units - 20% off
  • 20-50units - 35% off
  • 50+ units - 45% off on the retail price

Pacroban Electronics believes that selling is helping. This is why we are ready to offer our help and guidance with whatever project you're working on. Send us an inquiry or two today and we would be glad to assist you.

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