Pacroban 8K, 4K, 120Hz DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.4 Cable Layer Shielded DP to DP Cable Cord with 4K 240Hz 60Hz, HDR 32.4 4KHigh Speed

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Size: 10ft
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Pacroban DP 1.4 supports up to 8K (7680×4320) 60Hz with the use of a 4-2-0 pixel structure in both high dynamic range (HDR) and standard modes. It also includes better support for HDR10 metadata and forward error correction for a noiseless transmission.

Gamers who prefer high refresh rates and high resolutions aren’t forgotten: DP 1.4 can also drive “deep color” 120Hz 4K panels. It can handle 240Hz on both 1080p and 1440p resolutions. This has the benefit of offering high-speed gaming at brilliant detail that cannot be found with any other connection type out there.

If you require high-definition resolution, you are covered with 32-channel audio and a sample rate of up to 1,536kHz. Our display port supports AMD's FreeSync and Nvidia's G-Sync so you can enjoy peace of mind that you will have a tear-free gaming experience no matter which brand of card you use. Of course, this is only as long as your monitor supports the technology.

All the ports of your connected devices must support DP 1.4 in order to obtain maximum results.

All our products come with a 30 day money back return guarantee and a 1 year warranty. Simply drop us an email if you are experiencing any problems or would like a refund or replacement.

FAQs about the 8K Displayport 1.4 (10ft)

  • Can this 8K DisplayPort 1.4 Cable enhance my gaming experience?
  • With 240hz G-Sync, you can enjoy gaming without experiencing ghosting issues and stutters. This cable can deliver images that are butter smooth.

  • How durable is this Pacroban 8K DisplayPort 1.4 Cable?
  • This cable features triple-layered shielding to reduce EMI Radiation, nylon braids, and high-quality golden headings. It's simply built to last.

    For more information about 8K Displayport 1.4 (10ft) or other customer related issues, email us at today!

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