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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Fiber Optic Cables Over Copper

In a world of set up and technological engineering, fiber-optic cable has caused a lot of buzz. There is a lot of fuss concerning copper cable versus fiber. For many years, where cabling was concerned, the go-to standard was copper. The benefits of fiber-optic, however, are staggering! Where upgrades and new cabling installations are concerned, fiber optic cabling is on the rise. This includes everything from a small desktop application all the way up to larger projects like horizontal wiring.

Here, we're going to take a look at the battle between the two to help you decide between copper or fiber optic HDMI cables. However, the following are all advantages fiber-optic cables have over copper.

  1. Not As Space Consuming

Less space will be required when you switch from copper to fiber. Some of the reasons for this are that fiber-optic cable has a highly efficient design, is lightweight, and thin. Within a fraction of the space, fiber-optic cables can be bundled. What's more, because of their lightweight design and small stature, they are much easier to maneuver.

  1. Maintenance Costs, Long Term, Are Lower

Granted, initial installation expenses are currently greater with fiber cable than with copper. However, the initial expense is most definitely counteracted by the fact that long-term maintenance costs will be reduced with fiber-optic. Compared to copper, far more durability is also offered by fiber-optic cables. Eventually, it is thought that the more affordable option will actually be fiber-optic cabling.

  1. Easy Migration to Fiber-Optic

Without compromise or interruption to any set system, seamless migration from copper cable systems to fiber-optic are made possible by today's prolific media converters. Without a lot of expense or adjustments, existing hardware can make use of fiber-optic cables.

  1. Environmental Factors (Copper Presents Problems Not Present with Fiber-Optic)

Environmental factors can have an effect on copper cables. Because they are receptive to electrical currents, they frequently experience interference. With fiber-optic cable, you are immune to crosstalk, radiofrequency interference, and other electoral metric related interferences. What's more, fiber-optic cables are submersible and not particularly affected by outlying temperatures.

  1. Fewer Problems with Large Distance Signal Loss

Unshielded, and without a booster, there is a limitation of 328 feet with copper wiring. Because the signal consists of light, however, the same limitation does not apply to fiber-optic cables. This means that without compromise, at a much higher rate of speed, data can travel and transfer.

  1. Enhanced Security

Your entire network has greater security with fiber-optic cabling. Some copper cables radiate an exterior signal. This can cause a concern regarding wireless threats.

  1. No Fire Hazard

Copper tends to heat up and it might cause a fire in the worst case scenario. That is why Pacroban uses CL3 cable jackets for most of our cables. Fiber optic, however, doesn't heat as much as copper does and is not a source of combustion. In other words, it's much safer to install them in-wall. In addition, fiber optics are reliable in a wide range of environmental conditions.


  1. Use of Lasers

To transmit signals, fiber-optic cables use lasers while copper cables use electricity. Compared to the quality offered by copper cable equivalents, better quality is offered by fiber optic cable. One of the reasons for this is that laser/light is faster moving than electricity, and that applies to the signals traveling through cables as well.

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