Our Differences

Experience the Pacroban difference when you shop with us. Most of our customers are big companies and end users and we always strive to provide the best customer experience and highest quality products to you. Read on to find out more about the differences we can make to your bottom line when you shop with us.

Top Quality Products

We stock a wide range of technological products you will need to boost productivity, enhance performance and complete projects efficiently. These range from HDMI cables and USB cables to wireless chargers. Pacroban branded products are recognized worldwide for their quality and durability and you can be assured that you are getting only the best.

Lifetime Warranty

At Pacroban, we offer a lifetime warranty for our products. However, take note that this does not apply to misuse, abuse and normal wear and tear. Products that malfunction as a result of manufacturing faults in workmanship or materials qualify for repair or replacement at no additional cost. If the product still does not function as it should after three attempts to repair or replace it, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

Best Customer Support 

Our customer support team is always ready to provide suggestions and recommendations if you are unsure which products will best suit your needs. We are committed to ensuring that you walk away with everything you need, and to this end, we strive to understand your unique needs and those of your industry when recommending the most suitable products for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@pacroban.com  for any inquiries or if you require more information.

Free Shipping

At Pacroban Electronics, we want to make budgeting easy for you. All customers can enjoy free shipping within the United States. International shipping costs $29 per order. On top of that, governmental and commercial clients can save up 10% to 25% off your total bill with a minimum purchase of $2,000 to $10,000.

Free Returns Within 90 Days

Are you unhappy with the product(s) you received for any reason? If there is a manufacturing defect, the first thing to do is send it back to us for repairing or replacement at no additional cost. You will find an attached prepaid shipping label with your order. If you are simply unhappy with the product(s) for any reason, our returns and refunds policy work just like Amazon’s. Simply return the product(s) to us within 90 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

Giving Back

Our team at Pacroban Electronics recognizes the importance of giving back to our local communities. To this purpose, 10% of our proceeds are donated to causes such as UNICEF’s USA Education Program and charities including Feeding America. When you purchase our products, you can be assured that your money is going towards a good cause while getting the lifechanging products you need to boost performance and efficiency. A win-win situation!

Important Note For Lifetime Warranty / Return Policy

"If the customer would receive the damaged cable so first send us back then Pacroban would send the new cable".

"If you purchase Pacroban items on Amazon, you can return them and get a refund for 30 days. If you purchased them on Pacroban.com you can return them and get a refund in 90 days. We provide return shipping labels.

After the return period, we offer lifetime replacement. If your product fails due to the manufacturer's fault, we replace it for free. First, you ship a bad item back, then we send you a new one. If you (the customer) ordered more than a year ago, you will pay for the return shipping label. "

Why we Love What we do

Since the first day, our goal has always been to help customers / friends. Whether your project is setting up a new TV or building a concert stage, we are here to help.