Understanding-The-Ease-And-Convenience-Of-Ordering-Bulk-Pacroban-Electronics Pacroban

Understanding The Ease And Convenience Of Ordering Bulk Pacroban Electronics

You want to mass purchase gadget accessories, but you don't how to start or perhaps you have had some bad experiences with online stores before. Your first mass buying can be daunting, or an untruthful seller can leave you traumatized. Allow us to ease your apprehensions with a guide to understanding the advantages of ordering bulk Pacroban electronics in our store.

About Pacroban Electronics

Pacroban Electronics has been producing quality electronics and gadget accessories since 2016. We are based in San Francisco, USA but our online store ships to various countries across the globe. The great thing about our company is that we are not merely an online store. We manufacture our own products and sell them.

Customizing Products at Pacroban Electronics

Because we produce our own products, this means that bulk buyers can actually request for customization of their orders. This is something that we are happy and proud to do for our customers. Also, something that you may not find in other stores that sell electronics similar to ours. Do you want a color that matches the wall of your workspace? We can do so. When ordering at Pacroban Electronics, you can request for the length, the heading, cable diameter, and color that would tailor-fit your needs and send a request to our customer representatives. We would be happy to produce every single one of them and deliver them to your doorstep. If you have other requests that you would like to specify on your orders, we are a message away and would be glad to be of help.

Competitive Pricing and Discounts at Pacroban Electronics

Quality does not always mean a product needs to be expensive. This is one thing we always ensure when putting a price on our manufactured goods. From our HDMI cables to wireless chargers, our electronic accessories are priced reasonably so individual consumers can also enjoy pairing them with their own devices. Add to this, you can enjoy bulk buying as well because we offer discounts depending on the quantity of purchase per item. Here is a rundown of some discounts we offer: We give percentage discount for products retail price is less than $50:

  • 10-20 units - 10% off
  • 20-50 units - 15% off
  • 50-100units - 23% off
  • 100+200 units - 30% off
  • 200+400units - 35% off
  • 400+ units - 45% off on the retail price

The products with a retail price of over $50, will need less amount. That's why we provide bigger discounts for them:

  • 5-10 units - 10% off 1
  • 0-20units - 20% off
  • 20-50units - 35% off
  • 50+ units - 45% off on the retail price

Mode of Payment at Pacroban Electronics

Our online store provides a 100% safe and secure way of payment for your orders. You could pay using your credit card, online payment system, or digital wallets such as PayPal and GPay. Again, all payment transactions are a hundred percent secure, so you need not worry. Aside from this convenient way of paying for your bulk orders, Pacroban Electronics also offer free shipping to any state in the country. We ensure to expedite all orders so that your items are delivered and can be utilized the soonest possible time. For orders made outside the United States, we charge a minimal shipping fee of $29 per order. Because we value customer satisfaction, our company has set up a return policy for products that are not as good as advertised. To know more about this you may read through our Return Policy page or write-up.

Customer Service at Pacroban Electronics

At Pacroban Electronics, we don't just take pride in our quality products but our quality service, as well. Whenever you are browsing on our website, you can find the 'Contact us' at the bottom right of every page so you can send us an inquiry at any given time. We ensure that our capable and friendly customer care representatives are ready to answer your questions. Because we know how stressful it could be to order bulk Pacroban electronics, we provide phone support for mass purchases amounting to $1000 or more. Our company believes in helping clients so let us help you.

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